A guide for prospective students – Part 1 (before)

I continue to supervise undergraduate and graduate students at the Dept. of Informatics, University of Piraeus, Greece. In fact, I still enjoy it.

Here is a small guide that will make our prospective cooperation easier:

  1. Please check the list of proposed projects announced by Prof. C. Douligeris (do not ask when and how, you’re supposed to attend his classes),
  2. If something interesting to you is found in this list of projects that has my name as a contact person, feel free to contact me (we have a mutual interest for a certain period of time),
  3. Compile a draft proposal (no more than 3/4 of an A4 page) of what you think to do or how you intend to approach this work – fill the remaining 1/4 with a proposed time line (it’s important to know beforehand when you want to submit your thesis and adjust my very limited availability as well),
  4. In the body of your email (in the same email that you attach your draft proposal), please state a very brief overview of your skills (not a CV, I’m not hiring you..) so that I can sketch an overview of the planned work,
  5. Check your emails regularly – I usually reply within 48 hours, except academic holidays (best effort).

What I will do for you and what I will not:

  • I will provide you with the associated literature on the subject – this literature is mandatory to start with; it’s up to you to expand it only (not limit),
  • I will provide you with the table of contents, if you make the burden of compiling a draft proposal,
  • I will regularly update you with updates on the subject,
  • I will provide you with the methodology and the technical information required,
  • I will provide you with the necessary tips to compile an academic thesis you will be proud of,


  • I will not write even a single word of your thesis – this is your job – my job is to review it,
  • I will not correct your spelling mistakes – this is also your job by invoking the spell checker of your preferred word processor,
  • I will not be available for meetings without a particular reason – this can only delay the process,
  • I will not tolerate a translated version of someone else’s work, or plagiarism,
  • I will not deal with any university bureaucracy and/or paperwork – this is entirely up to you.

Best of luck…

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