Back.. at the root of all ‘evil’…

It’s quite strange how I begun dealing with information security.. First as a kid solving every kind of buzzwords and crosswords, then as a student solving complex crypto-equations, then experimenting break-ins for fun… Reading stories about hackers, academic papers and books by people I had the chance to meet and live with during my M.Sc. studies at Royal Holloway. It was there I was transplanted the guiding principles of integrity, credibility and fun in information security, alongside with an never-ending motive for self-improvement.

Royal Holloway

I’m returning there for a lecture at the Information Security Group; where it actually all begun (the root of all ‘evil’ I’m suffering)… It’s going to, after all. My biggest thanks to Chez, Fred, Dieter, Kenny, Mike, Keith, and the rest of the ISG…

UPDATE: My definition of “honor

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